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Adore 360 is your personal travel designer

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Adore 360 specializes finding the most suitable destinations and high quality accommodations based on your preferences.

We ESPECIALLY adore accommodations with unique experiences, attention to details and heartfelt service to deliver the magic of travel for our clients.

Hi, I'm Eeva Pukkila.
Founder of Adore 360.

I've always been passionate about fulfilling experiences and quality of travel. i created the concept of Adore 360 to be able design wonderful and unique journeys for my clients based on their own wishes and preferences. 

VERSATILE BUSINESS BACKGROUND. born in northern finland, living on the french riviera (+ HELSINKI). ADDICTED TO THE SEA, getting lost in NATURE, AND OF COURSE SEARCHING FOR ALL THE TREASURES WE HAVE ON THIS AMAZING GLOBE. you can read more about me on the 'about' page. I'm so happy you are here!

i adore my clients



"We were very happy with Adore 360 being able to arrange the villa with best views and complete privacy exactly as wished. Concept of the resort you recommended was simply amazing!

Thank you again for organizing a wonderful trip."

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